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Optimized Ad Experience

Serving hundreds of premium contents across all genres from a number of popular broadcasters, ShowBoom is arguably one of the best places for TV shows. Massive video collection and live video streaming are just a few that set us apart as the finest in the field. Most of all, we offer a clutter-free page for an optimal advertising experience. Your ad, and your ad only, will be presented to the viewer with the least amount of distraction.

In-stream Ad (pre-, mid-rolls)

Your ad will be displayed before and in the middle of a clip. It is in the format of video and will be displayed full screen. Viewers can click on the ad and be brought to the advertiser's website.

Targeted Audience

You get to choose your audience by age, gender, and region. Regions can be further fine-tuned by continent, country, province or city. You also have control over the viewer's local time to show the ad. Narrow down your target and get the most out of your ad.

Mobile Audience

In the world where mobile devices seem capable of anything, watching videos on the move is also becoming ubiquitous. We offer apps to any platform that supports HTML5 such as i iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. They are watching, and you won't miss them.

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